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You are running some business? I guess you have a lot of sales data... do you analyze it? You should! It gives you possibility to understand some rules behind your business. Can you imagine how you can improve your business knowing those? We do... this is the reason we run our business - to help you getting more out of the potential you have! Join us and take advantage of the best online sales analytics service

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First step is to gather the data. We accept data in one of the easiest to prepare and maintain formats. CSV files that can be even prepared using standard Excel. Compose yours and upload it! If you are looking for some real-time data feed - it is possible as well with our sales analytics service

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As the data is there you can execute one of the predefined reports to understand eg. your key products, their share within category and find some rules that are hidden in the baskets of your customers. Reporting sales results is essential part of understanding your company performance.

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KPIs & Dashboards

Your time is precious and as your business grows you never have enough time to take care of all the tasks. We know it. Due to that we offer some predefined sales dashboards to trace the operations. Included are some KPIs that you can adjust to model your business. Our set of KPI make analysis of sales easy and effective. As it is done, just sit, relax and observe each day the revenue KPIs growing!

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